Why I Write

? typewriter_1Writing isn’t easy. Sure, it looks simple enough. After all if you know how to speak a language than how hard could it possibly be to put those words down on paper. Anyone who has had a staring contest with a blank piece of paper or computer screen can tell you that the blank screen is a fierce opponent in the writing arena. It does not blink. So why, if it is so hard, should anyone even attempt such a crazy endeavor as writing? Because if you stare at that blank screen long enough, words begin to come.

For the first time writer this may seem scary. All of a sudden voices with their own distinct personalities begin to cry out, begging for their story to be told. Don’t run away. You find yourself in the stories you tell,  for every story you tell contains a piece of you. No fear of reproach is necessary as this is your world. You can build cities and populate them with your characters. Watch what they do and listen. While the story may go in directions you didn’t think you could possibly imagine, you must follow the thread every inch of the way. This is what it means to be a writer. You are an explorer venturing into uncharted territory and returning with amazing tales to entertain and provide reflection for the rest of us. Greet the blank screen as a friend. A friend that is willing to take you on an incredible journey. Take notes, listen, and be prepared to tell the rest of us what you have seen. This is why I write.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write”

    1. Writing truly is a journey. I am excited whenever I have a blank page because I know I am about to be the first witness to some very cool stuff. Ever have that feeling?

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